AMETEK ROTRON® has been the leading manufacturer of Regenerative Blowers.

AMETEK ROTRON® line of regenerative blowers are designed based on the regenerative principle. The impeller blades passing the inlet port of the blower draw air or other gasses into the blower. The impeller blades then, by centrifugal action, accelerate the air outward and forward. Here the “regenerative” principle takes effect as the air is turned back by the annular shaped housing to the base of the following blades where it is again hurled outward. Each “regeneration” imparts more pressure to the air. When the air reaches the stripper section at the outlet (the stripper is the part of the blower located between the inlet and the outlet in which the annulus is reduced in size to fit closely to the sides and tips of the impeller blades) the air is “stripped” from the impeller and diverted out of the blower. The pressures or vacuums generated by the one or two spinning, non-contacting, oil-free impellers are equal to those obtained by many larger multi-stage or positive displacement blowers.

Regenerative blowers are available in many configurations designed to meet specific applications.

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